Sitecore 9.2 Installation Guide

With the release of Sitecore 9.2, local developer installation is easier than ever thanks to the Sitecore Install Assistant (SIA) GUI. Under the hood SIF is still being used, so if the GUI doesn't give you all the options you need you can edit the underlying config files. Of course you can avoid SIA and just use SIF instead, but this post just looks at a simple install using SIA.

Start by downloading the "Graphical setup package for XP Single" from the Sitecore 9.2 download page.

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If you run the "setup.exe" file from the package you just downloaded, it'll tell you that there are two main things to set up before you can run SIA (assuming you don't have any pending software updates and you have a license file at the ready):

  • SQL server
  • Solr

Once you have these set up, SIA *should* pretty much do everything else for you - it worked perfectly for me (although I did already have 9.1.0 installed on the machine I was installing 9.2.0 on - so it's possible you might run into some dependency issue which I didn't get, if you don't have a recent version of Sitecore on your computer.)


I installed SQL Server 2017 Developer Edition, choosing the “Basic” installation type. I then set SQL to run in mixed mode (see screenshot from my 9.1 installation post), enabled the “sa” user account and restarted the “SQL Server” Windows service. I also enabled Enable Contained Database Authentication.


I scripted the Solr 7.5 (plus OpenJDK) install by adapting this PowerShell script which Peter Prochazka explains in his excellent blog post. I had to make a few changes because I already had a version of Solr running in my D:\solr\solr-7.2.1, and I wanted Solr 7.5 to also sit in the D:\solr directory - so I removed the condition which checks the existence of the root folder: check out my final script here (note that to make this work I also deleted the existing nssm directory from my D:\solr).

To force the installation of the relevant version of OpenJDK I also first uninstalled my Java SE and executed Remove-Item Env:\JAVA_HOME in elevated powershell session.

After executing my script in an elevated powershell session I had Solr 7.5 up and running.


Once you have SQL and Solr ready it's time to run SIA. This is really easy - just run the "setup.exe" file from the package you downloaded and follow the prompts, entering the details of your Solr instance, SQL instance etc.

Post Installation

As with any local installation there are always a few extra bits of setup to do, depending on how you intend on using your local instance - for example, rebuilding indexes and link databases, and deploying marketing definitions. Sitecore's more comprehensive installation documentation has a long list of potential post installation steps.


Note that SIA doesn't do un-installation - you'll have to use SIF to cleanly uninstall your Sitecore instance.