Specialist Sitecore Consultancy


What can Red Moon do for you?

  • Help identify potential ways to improve quality and productivity within your Sitecore development team
  • Help with your build and deployment processes and tooling
  • Get your development team up to speed with Sitecore knowledge and practices
  • Help identify and implement performance enhancements to your Sitecore application
  • Help your developers write more maintainable code, hands-on
  • Help optimise and document operational processes and procedures
  • Technical liaison with external suppliers
  • Encourage your development team take more pride in and responsibility for their work, using techniques such as Test Driven Development
  • Help facilitate/improve communication between the development team and non-technical stakeholders
  • Work alongside your senior/lead developers to help them fulfil their potential, especially when they are leading challenging projects
  • Deliver and oversee smaller pieces of implementation work


Why choose Red Moon?

Some feedback from select clients:

  • "Throughout his time with us, James made many suggestions to improve our development team's quality and productivity" - Melika Cornelius - Programme Manager, Codehouse (Sitecore Platinum Implementation Partner)


Who are Red Moon?

"I've been working with Sitecore and .NET since 2010. In this time I've enjoyed helping many clients get maximum business value from their Sitecore CMS installation!" - James Thomas - Sitecore Consultant, Red Moon


How does it work?

The Red Moon standard day rate is £450, excluding VAT. Services are provided "as and when", with no commitment required on your part.

Contact Red Moon to discuss your requirements